Reishi Mushoom 

With over a two-thousand-year history, reishi is one of the oldest, most studied, and respected mushrooms in traditional Asian medicine. Once reserved only for royalty, it’s often called the ‘mushroom of immortality’ (rei means universality). In several parts of Asia, reishi is used as an adjunct to conventional cancer treatment.

Traditional Uses in Folk Medicine

• Strengthens the immune system

• Lowers blood pressure

• Reduces inflammation

• Soothes and restores

Reishi Delight
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Reishi Delight

Nutty organic locally grown reishi mushroom is paired with deep notes of cinnamon, herbal honeybush and bright orange peel.  It’s a heartwarming infusion designed to gently calm and soothe. This blend is a crowd pleaser served warm and chilled! 

Now in larger 1.7 oz pouches! 

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