Deliciously wholesome mushroom tea


Tamim (tah-meem) Teas
Traditional Mushroom Teas, Reinvented 

Medicinal mushrooms are an age-old remedy for strengthening the immune system. We want to share this cherished tradition with everyone. That's why we handcraft herbal teas with functional mushrooms and flavorful herbs. To maximize the health benefits, our organic mushrooms are always freshly dried from family farmers and our organic herbs are caffeine-free. Enjoy a nourishing cup of mushroom tea that's both authentic and delicious.


Ancient treasure. Modern twist.

Reishi Delight
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Lion's Spice
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Chaga Chai
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Pure. Authentic. Perfectly Balanced.  

Medicinal mushrooms are traditionally brewed as a tea in eastern medicine for health and vitality. Recently, these functional mushrooms have gained popularity in the mainstream health market. It breaks our hearts, though, to see how they are often in the form of pills, processed extracts, or worst, imported from questionable sources. 

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What Makes Us Different

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High Quality
Organic Family Farmers. Sustainably Sourced.


Increased Health Benefits
Handcrafted Herbal Blends. Small-Batches.


Deliciously Good
No Caffeine. No Sugar. Nothing Processed.





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