At Tamim Teas, we only use mushrooms from organic family farmers

Our mushrooms have long traditions of therapeutic use.

We pair our premium whole mushrooms with organic & caffeine-free herbs, flavorful, functional, and locally sourced whenever possible.

Enjoy our herbal mushroom teas with confidence and in the same spirit as they were originally intended - freshly dried & no processed ingredients.

Sip your way through all of our perfectly balanced mushroom tea blends.

 Let us know how you enjoy our healthful one-of-a-kind mushroom teas!


We got hooked on your teas at Boston’s Vegetarian Festival! We are both students in Boston - mother and daughter cute is that?
— Lori
Tamim Teas offers a wide variety of mushroom tea blends...Each of them with their own bunch of benefits.
— Spoon University
We love the teas and they have certainly piqued our customers’ interest!
— Jolie Tea Company
I am a commercial & marketing photographer and did a project photographing for a tea company a few years ago..... out of the 100 teas they sent me.....not one tastes as good as yours 😊
— Autumn Sells - Homestead